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We do not have any open training spots at this time

We have had all types of dogs over the years including Labs, Shorthairs, Goldens, Springers, Setters, Chesapeakes, and Pointers so we would love to help you with training your dogs. Below is laid out how we mostly go about training the labs and pointers, but we are always leaning and incorporating new methods of training. We want to work with you and your dog to figure out what will work best for y'all.


At this time we are only taking in one or two dogs to train at a time and we would love for your dogs to be one of them. All dogs are worked multiple times a day and we will work with you to decide how long your dog needs to stay with us. 

We get a lot of questions about how to start training your puppy. We believe training starts as soon as you get them home. Everything you can do with your new puppy in our mind counts as training. We pride ourselves in spending a lot of time with our litters before you get them home that we believe gives them a head start. We are constantly making noise around them to prevent gun shyness, but even less minor things like rubbing their paws will make it easier for you to cut their nails. When we keep a puppy to start we do as much as possible with them and introduce them to as many things as possible. We do positive water introductions, take them riding with us, hikes and walks in different places, 4-wheeler rides, and really just anything that might challenge them a bit. We have found that all of these seemingly minor things make a huge difference when the real training starts.  

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